Cold Days, Warm Hands

Disclaimer: I received my Turtle Gloves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a
BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!” 

Winter has finally arrived in Wisconsin. Last year there was a foot of snow in late October! This year we had a nice string of 70-80 degree weather up to Thanksgiving. Even this week in December, I was able to wear shorts and a t shirt. Regardless of the high temps, the mornings here in Wisconsin are brutal. The hands sting with cold air and get dried out from the wind. Then, about 30 minutes into the run, your hands are on fire. Dripping with sweat, your hands no longer need the full gloves, just something to block the wind.

Drum roll please! Bring in the Turtle Gloves! These nifty gloves are mittens than can be rolled back in to hand warmers.

See image below

Turtle Gloves states on their website that these gloves are an ALL-IN-ONE: Convertible Mittens – Fingerless Gloves – Arm Warmer Sleeves – Wrist Band – Layer

5 of 5 Stars for Fit and Feel

  • Fit and Feel. I have super small hands, so these guys are a little big on me. Not a huge deal, because that means they are easy to remove. A person with average sized hands are going have a great fit with these gloves.

5 of 5 Stars for Functionality

  • Function. My Turtle Gloves have down me a world of good. I have used them almost everyday! They get me through the early miles that are the coldest. Then so speedy middle miles, I am able to let my fingers relax. Finally, while on the cool down, my fingers can relax and enjoy the fleece warmth.

5 of 5 Stars Overall

  • Overall Review.  I will give this product 5 of 5 stars based on my current experiences. Turtle Gloves keep me warm and comfortable.The gloves are easy on and off. There is no hassle like some gloves. 

So if you did not buy your own Turtle Gloves in the process of reading this review, here is your chance now! Use code TURTLEBIBRAVE for 15% off your purchase.

Let me know if you have questions about Turtle Gloves! I would love to hear them and share my insights.




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